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Foot Surgery Fairfield QLD

Nail surgery can be performed for a variety of reasons eg: biopsies, removal of tumours and avulsion of a nail plate for long standing fungal infection of the nail and in acute bacterial infections, These procedures are usually performed as an additional treatment to antibiotics and other medications.

Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails however, are the more common complaint in need of Nail Surgery.

Ingrown toenails are not only painful but often develop infections if not treated.  Podiatrists can perform a surgical procedure to treat recurrent nail problems. Ingrown toenails can be defined as a nail that is pressing against the skin or has Brocken the skin causing pain and inflammation sometimes accompanied by infection.


An ingrown toenail may require a partial nail avulsion to offer relief and correct ongoing problems. Local Anesthetic is administered to the toe via way of injection, this numbs the toe in general for approximately 2 hours, the patient may prefer paracetamol for pain relief but it is generally not required. As in a hospital situation, the foot is prepared for cleanliness and appropriate solutions applied to ensure minimal exposure to infection.  The offending portion of nail is cut and removed and via recommendation but at the preference of the patient a chemical solution can be applied to stop that particular portion of nail from regrowth.

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What To Do After The Surgery

A sterile dressing is immediately applied and the patient given clear care instructions. It is important to keep the dressing clean and dry for the following 3 days, this allows the Podiatrist to remove the dressing, assess progress of healing at the initial review appointment and give further instructions.


The Procedure is relatively simple and commonly performed by Podiatrists in clinic rooms. The patient is then able to walk out of the clinic room immediately after.

All surgical procedures have an associated risk attached, however this has a very low risk of complications.

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