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How To Stop Ingrown Toenails The Right Way

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Ingrown Toenail

In our daily lives, quite often we have to use sandals or sometimes stay bare feet. However, if there are ingrown toenails then, our feet look odd. Moreover, if we use socks and boots then many times, because of the ingrown toenails, the feet start to pain. Many are of the perception that for dry skin, smelly feet, neglected toenails, cracking heels, a pedicure is enough. That may be true but what happens if the person suffers from ingrown toenails? In this context, it is imperative to understand about the ingrown toenails.

What is an ingrown toenail?

It is a condition whereby the edges of the toenail (especially of big toes) grow thin. In medical terminology, it is often referred to as onychogryphosis. Experts are of the opinion that the phenomenon in this context can lead to redness, swelling and often discomfort to the individual who is suffering from it. If you leave it untreated then pus formation may occur, it can be excessively red and all these followed by an ingrown toenail infection which is not at all tolerable.

Ways to prevent ingrown toenail

There are a few ways by which one can learn how to prevent ingrown toenails and they are as follows:- Be extra careful with cuticles Don’t allow the pedicurist to trim or cut the cuticles. Also, it is recommended to abstain from picking at them. It is better to let the cuticles as they are.

Choose footwear items and shoes that do not make you feel uncomfortable. It is better to avoid footwear items that are of a non-breathable type because such shoes are often made of synthetic materials and can increase the chance of infecting your toe. Clip toenails cautiously Ensure that the toenails are clipped straight across. One needs to be careful not to cut them too low. Abstain from creating v-shaped or rounded toenails. It is important not to tear the toenails. Foot freedom Foot mechanics sometimes play a significant role. Experts believe that if a person has flat feet, then his big toe and forefoot are likely to roll inward when that person walks. This increases the pressure on nails and enhances the chance of a toenail that is incurvated. In these type odd conditions, it is better to choose wide shoes. Under such conditions avoid tight-fitting socks or wearing pantyhose.

Home remedies for ingrown toenail If the pain related to ingrown toenails is excruciating then there are some home remedies which can be used to treat the toenails and they are discussed as follows:- Soak toes Soak the foot in a solution that has half a cup of iodine and one gallon of lukewarm water for about fifteen minutes. This needs to be done two times a day. Alternatively, one can use warm water with one-third cup of sea salt, few drops of tea-tree oil for about 15 minutes two times daily.

Antibiotic application After soaking the feet, it is advisable to trim the nails. Gently clean, dry nail-grooves using cotton swab. Repeat this for the affected toenails. Ensure that an antibiotic cream is applied to reduce any inflammation. Once this is done, use a band-aid or a protective bandage.

Consult your local podiatrist

If the ingrown toenail has become large then it is better to seek the advice of a professional. If the toenail pains for an extended period of time, or if it is excessively red, swollen with pus then informing a professional is very much recommended. Speak to a podiatrist for ingrown toenails when needed. If the ingrown-toenails reoccur then that person can suggest appropriate advice. If a person is suffering from diabetes or poor blood circulation then things may get a bit complicated. However, referring to a professional can prove to be immensely beneficial. In extreme situations, the irritating zone on the nail can be handled using a laser. The above are the simple home remedies that can be used to prevent ingrown toenails. Using a foot facial, other pedicure treatment can also prove to be extremely useful. Once treated successfully, the toes are ready to be exposed. Sportsperson often spends long hours practicing wearing boots, socks. Many suffer from smelly feet, which is a condition that requires attention and treatment. If the sportsperson suffers from ingrown toenails then the services of the podiatrist for sports, ingrown toenails are very useful. If you are suffering from conditions like ingrown nails, smelly feet then you can check online for the different remedies that can be used to prevent or cure such conditions. A consultation with the experts often helps if the condition goes out of hand.


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